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Spouse Visa

Canada Spouse Dependent Visa

Dependent Visa or Spouse Visa is mainly for Spouse/Partner and Children of main applicant having temporary residence status in Canada either on Study Permit, Post Study Work Permit or Work Permit.Your spouse or common-law partner and dependent children can come to Canada. This is possible through several means but importantly the criteria will depend on the current status of the main applicant in Canada. Whether person holds Canada Student Visa, Work Visa or is a Canadian Permanent Resident.

General Criteria includes
  • Meet all the requirements for temporary residents to Canada
  • Satisfy Immigration officer that you will only stay in Canada Temporarily
  • Prove that you have no criminal record if required
  • Meet all other conditions for getting temporary resident visa

1. Spouse/Partner of Study Permit Holder

You must prove that you can support yourself and the spouse who accompany you while you are in Canada. Main applicant (Canada) should be full time student at recognized public institute. Acceptance letter and study permit are required documents, medical is required for applicant. Visa is issued till study permit validity. Spouse dependent work permit/restricted work permit is issued, job offer or arranged employment is not mandatory.

2. Spouse/Partner of Post Study Work Permit Holder

For spouse of post study work permit holder, you can apply for “Spouse Dependent Work Permit” wherein job offer or arranged employment is not mandatory. You need to show enough funds and your spouse must hold post study work permit with Job in occupation NOC 0, A or B. Also need to meet the criteria for these occupations.

  • A letter confirming employment or copy of your employment offer/contract is mandatory
  • Copy of pay slips is mandatory
  • Copy of Post study work permit is mandatory
  • Sufficient funds and income for stay in Canada

3. Spouse/Partner of Work Permit Holder

For spouse of work permit holder, a similar rule as spouse of post study work permit holder applies. You can apply for “Spouse Dependent Work Permit” if your spouse is meeting the following criteria:

  • Approved to Work in Canada for more than 6 months (Mandatory)
  • Doing Job in one of the Occupation in NOC 0, A or B (Mandatory)
  • Sufficient funds income proof for stay in Canada

Dependent Visa/Spouse Visa under Temporary visa category is one of the fast moving categories. There is huge number of students, post study work permit holders; work permit holders who would want their spouse or partner to accompany them. This visa gives excellent opportunity to all such spouses/partners to gain experience in Canada and additionally enjoy their time in Canada. Family members are great support after all.